The virtual office – a modern mailbox company?

Since Berlin office spaces in excellent areas are becoming rare and unaffordable for businesspeople and entprepreneurs these days, we’re more than happy to be a supplier of virtual offices in Berlin. Please let me give you a quick overview about what I learned last week.

When we finalized an investment in Berlin which was backed by a co-investor from Hamburg in October, I just experienced once again how people are struggling and wasting time, costs and effort in finding the right office space in Berlin. The founders of this company were still working in a shared office and that made sense at this stage. It wasn’t only the fact that they couldn’t simply afford an own office, however there wasn’t actually a need to do this. They wanted to stay independet and they wanted to be professional right from the start and that’s why they chose to book professional assistant services and a virtual office in Berlin through a business centre. Our co-investor was actually a bit more struggling facing the fact that he didn’t have an office in Berlin, the city that he considered to be one of the hottest startup hubs in Europe and the current place-to-be.

However, since this gentleman is a pretty reasonable man (at least from an economic point of view) he was hesitating to crawl though exposés, talk to real estate agents, rent an office, employ and train local staff, spend an unreasonable amount of money buying furnitures and burn tons of money in simply maintaining a representative office in Berlin. For whatever reason, he didn’t hear about the concept of shared workspaces, PAs and virtual office solutions as a business model. After letting me convince him that a professional virtual office provider is actually the opposite of these notorious mailbox companies, he started being excited about the business. At this point, I was pretty relieved that it was him who wasn’t up-to-date regarding the idea of flexible workspaces and not the founders.

What a virtual office in Berlin means to your business

Some of you may have already read my personal top 9 reasons for using a virtual office (German), however I’ve been a big fan of flexible workspaces not only since we started our own solution, the Berlin Metropolitan Office. When we started our first promotional staffing agency in Berlin back in the days, it was like a stroke of destiny that our tax pro recommended us using a virtual office in Berlin in order to cut costs and stay flexible. That helped us a lot since we’ve been busy fighting on countless different fronts. Oh and by the way, we were still at university, but that’s just another story.

Saving time, money and effort is becoming more and more important these days, the vision of sailing a quick small pirate ship that boards the fat slow galleons is a vivid picture in smart entprepreneurs heads. That’s why we need to stay fast and flexible and that’s exactly what a virtual office company does for you.

Set up your own virtual office in Berlin today

Finally, I would like to invite our German fellows to get in touch with us whenever you feel like having a virtual office in Berlin, directly at the Kurfürstendamm boulevard (eine Geschäftsadresse am Kurfürstendamm) – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!




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